Alexandria experienced extreme flooding in October 2015. Such extreme events are likely to occur in Alexandria and in other cities. Due to the low level of preparedness of the city to extreme events the consequences are likely to be high. With the rainfall forecast data from European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) it is possible to predict events like October 2015 flooding days ahead of the event. These forecasts when coupled with a storm water model can provide information about when and where flooding may happen; and also about the effectiveness of anticipatory responses such as emptying the lakes in anticipation to flooding. Therefore, it is recommended to establish a flood forecasting and warning system for the Alexandria, which can also be an effective short term mitigation measure. Early warning system is a cost effective quick investment with a relatively large gain and can be utilised to buy time to critically analyse expensive long term mitigation measures. For more information contact Dr. Biswa Battacharya .