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AFMA is organised across partner organisations and external resource pool to attain favourable flood resilient outcomes


The activities in AFMA are grouped in six work packages based on the nature of the work and their outcomes. The work packages are as follows:

Work Packages




System analysis:
Flood risk assessment and Mapping


Inception of AFMA system


Institutionalisation of AFMA system


Sustainability and upscaling of AFMA system


Project requirement and closure

Team afma

Work package activities are carried out jointly by AFMA team comprising experts from the following partner organisations:

Prof. Chris Zevenbergen is the Project leader and is supported by Project leaders, project coordinators and technical experts from every partner organisation. The project management board comprising Partner representatives and work package leaders will be supported by a project coordination unit comprising project coordinator from every partner organisation. In addition to support from partner agencies AFMA will also benefit from the advice of Project Advisory Board that will comprise international expertise, resource persons from various ministries and Governorates in Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Rifaat Abdel Wahaab  is the National project coordinator  and is responsible for the coordination among Egyptian partners of AFMA. Dr Rifaat is a Professor of Environmental Science at National Research Center Cairo and is the Sector Head of Reasearch and Development (R&D) at Holding Company for Water and waste Wate, Cairo. He can be contacted  at  +20127000585 and at 

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